Watzke: Bundesliga should have no fear of Premier League

Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has stated that the Bundesliga should put up more fight for publicity with England’s Barclays Premier League after the Bundesliga returns from its winter break.

Watzke was quoted stating: “I have no fear of the English league, we must make sure our qualities are in the foreground. There is no need for the Bundesliga to be shy. From a football perspective, it’s just as good as the Premier League. We have superb stadiums filled with passionate fans, the average attendance is much higher, we play great football and we have first-class academies.

He also added: “We are the world champions, while the English will be able to celebrate a great milestone in the summer: 50 years without a title,” he added with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

There could be a higher demand for Bundesliga management with Jurgen Klopp leaving Dortmund and joining Liverpool, while Bayern boss Pep Guardiola is also set to manage in England.

“The English clubs also only have four teams in the Champions League and I can’t imagine that good players from Borussia Dortmund will move to Norwich City or Crystal Palace”. He also added: “Dortmund is among the top ten clubs in Europe: we are a first-class address.”

He is happy that Dortmund have overcome their slump in form, when being quoted saying: “You only have to look at the table: we stand 12 points in front of VfL Wolfsburg. We have regained our former position.”

Watzke claims that Bayern under Guardiola gives them no chance of repeating their successive title wins in 2011 and 2012.

“One must not forget that we weren’t champions for those two years because we were so strong, but also because Bayern didn’t do everything quite right,” he said.

“Since then, Bayern has improved unbelievably. In order to bring some excitement back, Bayern would need to start making mistakes again. Bayern haven’t made mistakes for years.”

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Sam May

Sam May is a Sports Journalism student currently studying at the University of Chester. He’s part of the media team at Tranmere Rovers Football Club and complete’s their official home match reports. Aspiring to be a senior Sports Journalist or TV Commentator, he has completed a work placement with The Daily Mail. Other work lined up includes: The Independent, Press Association, Liverpool Echo, Shoot Magazine and Plymouth Argyle Football Club. Follow Sam: @Sam95May