Bu Li Flu Absence Excuse Form

We at the Bundesliga Fanatic are generally smart, compassionate individuals, and are very aware of the excess excitement and resulting exhaustion that results from watching a full weekend of Bundesliga fussball, especially during the opening weekend in August or the winter re-start in late January.

To help our readers out, we have created an absence excuse form to be used to explain our readers’ inability to attend work/school on Monday, due to BuLi Flu.  This condition occurs frequently among Bundesliga fans during matchdays, and by Sunday they are often in a condition of blissful exhaustion.  A Monday of rest, watching league highlights and re-runs of matches, along with reading the many fine, new articles posted over the weekend by the Bundesliga Fanatic, will greatly replenish the fan’s energy and make them able to be fully functional by Tuesday.  Guaranteed.

Thus, if need of an excuse letter for Monday’s absence, please copy the following form, fill in the blanks and submit when you return to work/school.  You’re welcome in advance.


                                                                                                  ___________, 2016

Dear Mr/Ms ________

Please excuse your student/employee, _________, will be absent from school/work this Monday due to an outbreak of BuLi Flu. Attacks of this condition occur frequently on weekends from August to May, while having no effect on occasional international weekends. The condition exhausts the victim after a full weekend of exciting Bundesliga fussball, with symptoms also including hoarseness and tired eyes, leaving them in no condition to function fully as a student/employee.

Your student/employee needs Monday to recuperate fully. Wellness can be attained by reading the many fine, new German fussball articles on the Bundesliga Fanatic, in addition to watching highlight shows and re-runs of MatchDay __ fixtures.

Be aware that this virus is highly contagious. If needed, please feel free to make your own copy of this absence letter for your own personal use.


Gerry Wittmann, MD
Bundesliga Fanatic LLC



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Gerry Wittmann

Gerry is the founder of the Bundesliga Fanatic. Besides loving German football, he also enjoys the NBA, collecting jerseys and LPs, his pets and wishes he had more time for fishing, bicycling and learning the bass guitar.