Bomb Threat and Explosions Surround Germany-France Match

Last updated at 5:00 GMT:

Earlier Friday, a bomb threat was made at the hotel where the German national team was staying, requiring everyone to evacuate the facility. Everyone was eventually allowed to return.

Unfortunately, Paris is experiencing a night of intense violence Friday night. There were explosions heard from inside Stade de France during the first half of the France-Germany match. The detonation later was confirmed by French media to have been from grenades thrown towards Gate D.

“Get French Football” (@GFN_France on Twitter) reported on the explosions near the stadium.

The match played to conclusion, but fans have been able to use only certain exits to leave the stadium. Many in attendance opted to move onto the playing surface rather than leave out of uncertainty of what was taking place outside the stadium.

The BBC is reporting that 18 people are believed to have been killed in a separate shooting in a Paris bar tonight. Additionally, there is now a hostage situation at Bataclan Concert Hall, again according to the BBC, adding to what is being called one of the most violent days in Paris in decades.

Alas, I am not in Paris and can only repeat what I am seeing on social media and on television, but if you are in the city or stadium, please stay safe. Please keep in touch with me through Twitter at @Kai_Dambach.

We’ve decided to update this story with additional bits of information as we find them, so check back for more. We’ll try to keep to respectful and relevant items.

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