Dynamo Dresden Takes Over Fortuna Köln 5-1

This past Friday night, I was in Mönchengladbach and watched the last place team in the top division get their teeth kicked in the Friday night lights. Surely Cologne’s smaller side, Fortuna, could provide some relief, right?

Ha, how immature of me. Within 10 minutes it was clear that Dynamo Dresden were going to take it. It was just a matter of how much. It ended up being a four-goal separation. 5-1. Ouch.

After going in the opposite direction of the RheinEnergieStadion, it was clear this was not going to be a glamorous day. Remains of a torn down building in front of train tracks meant I was headed in the right direction. And the old cliché, wrong side of the tracks remained true here. Just a few minutes from the ground was a swingers club. Joy.

The police were looking at the fans coming in with the evil eye. Helmets weren’t on, but everything was at the ready. And then I realized I had not seen any red on the way. I was walking with the Dynamo Dresden fans. Oops.

After getting my bearings right I mingled with the Fortuna Köln fans. They were just looking for a good day at the ground and hoping for a respectable result after 90 minutes. If only the backline had shown up.

With much confusion at the back, Dynamo Dresden kept it in front of goal and took no time putting two on the board in 10 minutes. Justin Eilers left boot found the bottom right corner from a shot outside the box in the fourth minute and captain Michael Hefele headed home a corner in the 11th. The fans in red weren’t expecting much, but certainly something better than this.

Fortuna Köln had no answer. They were simply non-threatening and trying to ride the storm from the east. Even when they made it to the other end of the pitch chances were easily swept aside by the men at the back for Dresden. “Auswärtssieg!” rang the Dynamo Dresden fans at the end of the half. Fortuna Köln fans offered no response.

And again, the first 10 minutes proved to be the difference in the second half. Pascal Testroet headed home a corner two minutes after the break and Aias Aosman took a feed of a counter and knocked it into the open net. 4-0 with well over a half hour to go.

Dynamo go up 4-0. (Photo by Kai Dambach)

By this time Fortuna fans realized their fate. So they stayed to see how far the punishment could go.

All of a sudden, someone screamed “SECURITY!” and everyone looked right at the scoreboard that was now covered with ad space. Three Dresden fans managed to climb up and unfurled a massive banner. They took over.


Despite a gimme goal by Marco Königs well into garbage time, Dynamo reminded everyone in the Südstadion who were the winners with a late penalty from Justin Eilers to the bottom left corner.

Dynamo Dresden certainly looked like the favorite to win the 3. Liga in Cologne today, currently sitting five points ahead of Mainz 05’s B-side. It will definitely be a fight for Fortuna to stay up.


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