No bull – St. Pauli won’t show RB Leipzig’s crest on their homepage

It’s not a secret that St. Pauli and RB Leipzig have different philosophies when it comes to how a football club should be run. Whilst the buccaneers allow their fans to participate in the decisions that are made about the club’s future, RB are mostly regarded by most football fans in Germany as a promotion tool for Austrian soda.

According to 11 Freunde, St. Pauli lose 2.5 million Euros annually because the club has listened to the fans and decided against LED advertising boards and selling the stadium naming rights, whilst keeping the 15 minute period before kickoff ad-free.

RB, on the other hand, have been created by a soda manufacturer that is in charge of most aspects of the club’s decisions. The DFL forced RB to change its membership structure and to change its crest three times, because neither element were in compliance with the 50+1 rule, the statute that requires 50% plus one share to be in the control of the club and its members.

The current crest itself has again caused quite a stir in the German press. St. Pauli have the crests of all but one of their opponents on the schedule found on the club website, with RB’s crest nowehre to be found on the page.

A spokesperson of the club was quoted by Hamburg paper MoPo on the matter as saying:

“We do think that we have the right to publish our view on matters in our own publication. It doesn’t matter if it is praise or criticism. It’s important, however, that nobody is vilified.”

The crest of RB Leipzig has been replaced by the word "Leipzig" on St. Pauli's home page.
The crest of RB Leipzig has been replaced by the word “Leipzig” on St. Pauli’s home page.

RB Leipizg’s press officer Benjamin Ippoliti wasn’t too bothered by St. Pauli’s move, stating:

“We asked St. Pauli already on Tuesday if we should send them our logo as a computer file again, because we were assuming that this was a technical problem. By 1800 CET there hadn’t been any official answer by the club. Afterwards, we were told that the head of business (Michael Meeske) wasn’t involved in that matter. However, the club asked us earlier if we could send them a few more free tickets. We have, of course, done so.”

It seems like there’s very little love lost between the two opposing teams ahead of Sunday’s clash. Earlier, RB Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick managed to provoke the officials at St. Pauli by saying:

“I don’t want to be uppity, but compared to other clubs we are almost playing a completely different sport.”

St. Pauli’s president Oke Göttlich didn’t let this pass unanswered, saying:

“That’s right. One should establish a league of its own for that sport!”

Despite the differences between the two clubs, Sunday’s match should include plenty of exciting action. Both teams are still unbeaten and on seven points after three match days, with RB ahead in the table on goal differential.

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Update: Many German newspapers led their readers to believe that the crest was removed from St. Pauli’s homepage this week, however, that is not the case. The crest was already removed from the homepage 3 months ago according to Bild Blog.

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