Meet the Promo Team

In America, there has been rejoicing since news broke that Fox would carrying the television rights for the Bundesliga. No more hunting around for GolTV. No more furtively sniffing around for illegal streams, like truffles in the woods.

No more.

Thanks to Fox Sports (for cable carriers) and Fox Soccer 2Go (for everyone else, like me), you can watch the Bundesliga matches legally and easily. Did I mention that FoxSoccer2Go carries every Bundesliga match?

Surely, we enter a new era here in America. National Bundesliga holidays are in order. Happy times.

But a vexing question remains: how do you get American soccer fans, let alone sports fans, interested in the Bundesliga? It’s not like English is the official language of Germany. Besides, the English Premier League is the European default for American football supporters, thanks to NBC Sports and – presumably – a shared language.

I remember my own disorientation when I made the jump to passionate Bundesliga love. Names like Mönchengladbach, Schalke, and Hoffenheim intimidated me. Because I was strongly attracted to German fußball, I stuck it out and educated myself. A few years later, the basics fell in place. But I was alone back then.

Those days are long gone.

Meet the “Promo Team,” the Bundesliga’s answer to NBC’s Coach Ted Lasso. Nestled in New York City, the promo team has been tasked with marketing the league’s America invasion. The results are hilariously predictable:

The cringe-worth team has all August to get this right. They’ll need it. Each Monday, the Bundesliga releases a new episode on its remarkable YouTube channel. Episode 1 has already arrived:

The problem is simple: what tagline should accompany the Bundesliga? However, the solution is anything but simple.

It’s gonna be a long month for these guys.

Yet rather than let you only complacently smirk at the silly yanks, I’ll flip the question around to you:

What tagline would you use to market the Bundesliga in the USA?

Share it in a comment below. We won’t laugh – I promise.


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