Southampton Football Club: will The Saints go marching?

Football has always been a much loved sport throughout the world. No matter where we come from or however issues and differences we may have, for whenever there is football on TV we become one, especially when national teams are involved and our country pride is at stake.

England is no exception to this universal rule, since football teams such as Liverpool, Manchester or Chelsea are known worldwide and its Premier League can brag about being one of the most followed and exciting leagues. But if there is one team that deserves our attention, notably if we take into account their not-so-blessed history, is Southampton F.C. Founded by members of the St. Mary Church in 1885 at Southampton, England, this team, nicknamed “The Saints”, has mostly played in top-division leagues, but that hasn’t always been the case. When born, they indeed succeeded in joining the Football League Third Division, formed just after the First World War, and promoting to Second Division. In addition, they have won six times the Southern League, the FA Cup in 1976 and were one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992, where they stayed until 2005, when their luck suddenly took a turn for the worse. That year, the Saints returned to the Football League, but they found strength out of weakness and managed to promote again to the Premiership in 2012, where they are now ranked in a decent 7th position.

By their history, it will come as no surprise that this team is considered one of the most important ambassadors of good, traditional football and great savoir faire. Consequently, their matches are a pleasure to watch, so, if you have always been a fan of The Saints, or you just became interested in them, you shouldn’t miss the chance to buy Southampton tickets and cheer for them from the stands, so you have to be fast if you don’t want them to be snatched away from you!

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Maximilian Jones

Maximilian is a Berlin native with a German mother and English father. Raised in Germany and studied in London, Maximilian grew up to love football from an early age but his early exposure to the Bundesliga honed his passion for all things German football.