Ten Bundesliga Doppelgängers

They say there is a person out there somewhere that is your exact likeness- your doppelgänger. The Bundesliga too is rife with players, trainers and presidents who bear an uncanny resemblance to another famous person. Take a look at these pairs separated at birth for a bit of light-hearted merriment.

First up we have Hannover 96 president Martin Kind.

Martin Kind.
Martin Kind.

Aside from when he is running the Niedersachsen club, does Herr Kind have a side job in Springfield managing the nuclear power plant in the Simpsons? Or perhaps Montgomery Burns fancied trying his luck at the helm of the Red Shorts?

A young Orlando Bloom or an older Mats Hummels? Are they one and the same?

Mats Hummels.
Mats Hummels.

One fights off female fans, while the other is currently fighting the lure of the Premier League. Will Hummels break BVB hearts like Orlando does to the female persuasion?
They are not twins.

But you’d have to take a second glance should Hoffenheim striker Kevin Volland turn up on the set of a Hollywood film or Zac Efron took up his place up front for at the Sinsheim club.

Kevin Volland.
Kevin Volland.

Just keep Efron off the pitch and give Volland some blue-tinted contacts.

He may have left his position as trainer of Borussia Dortmund, but has Jürgen Klopp really been put out to pasture.

Juergen Klopp.
Juergen Klopp.

Not averse to being caught on camera with an animated expression, it’s really easy to confuse Kloppo for a demented llama at times.

Arjen, phone home! It’s been said that Arjen Robben’s talents are out of this world, but I’m not sure they meant extra-terrestrial.

Arjen Robben.
Arjen Robben.

The loveable alien peddled off on its bike, while the Dutch winger continues to torment Bundesliga defences.

His time in England may have been more of a success had Kevin De Bruyne kept company with the common people rather than royalty.

Kevin De Bruyne.
Kevin De Bruyne.

Passing himself off as Prince Harry came easy for the Belgian, but now back in the Bundesliga, he is still being treated like royalty by the Wolfsburg faithful.

Bayer Leverkusen are trying to build a side capable of challenging for the top honours in Germany, but using Lego to do it is a novel idea.

Hueng Min Son
Hueng Min Son.

Does Heung Min Son base his hairdo on the Lego man, or did the toy manufacturer copy the Korean’s barnet for their miniature man?

To infinity and beyond! Well actually just as far as Leverkusen for the former Schalke defender.

___ Stoeger.
Kyriakos Papadopoulos.

The star of Toy Story he may be, but Greek defender Kyriakos Papadopoulos will have to up his game with the Werkself if he is to justify his hero tag.

Still on the Toy Story theme, have you ever noticed the uncanny resemblance between 1FC Köln trainer Peter Stöger and Rex the Dinosaur?

Peter Stoeger.
Peter Stoeger.

Toothy grins keep your Traditionverein in the top flight. Keep it up, Peter!

Finally, Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer rounds off our 10 Doppelgängers.

Mattias Sammer.
Mattihas Sammer.

He may have a fierce reputation, but that is nothing on his lookalike Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any Bundesliga-related Doppelgängers? If so, post them below.

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Mathew Burt

A year spent living in Bremen got Mathew hooked on the Bundesliga with regular visits to the Weser Stadion getting in the way of his studies. Back in the UK now, he still keenly follows the Grün-Weißen and German football in general. Follow him on Twitter @matburt74.