Hennes at the Hoover Dam for a World Record Image

Let’s say that you, a fervent football fan, are head of a public relations firm. Now, let’s say that your firm were hired to handle something that would involve a media event at which you would be projecting an image onto the Hoover Dam to set a new Guinness Book of World Records standard for gigantic projected images. Assuming you would have to test the projection before the actual event, wouldn’t you choose your club’s logo as a test image?

Oliver Schrott of Oliver Schrott Kommunikation did precisely that when presented with the opportunity. In preparing for the public introduction of Freightliner’s autonomously driven freight truck, Schrott utilized 60 projectors using 1.17 million lumens to deliver the world’s largest sports club logo in history, spanning 42,000 square feet, nearly the surface area of all nine pitches utilize on a typical Bundesliga match day.

First the Florida Cup, now the Hoover Damn. The USA clearly LOVES Hennes!

“With a height more than 150 meters, it was certainly the largest Hennes ever,” says Schrott. “We have our fingers crossed for the last games of the season, even here in the desert of Nevada.”

The height of the projected logo is comparable to that another Köln icon, the Dom, which is 157 meters tall.


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Randall Hauk is a freelance writer living in the United States while covering German football. He is currently the publisher of Planet Effzeh, an English-language site covering 1. FC Köln. He wrote about the German national team for the Telegraph as part of their World Cup Nation coverage.

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