Fortuna Düsseldorf: Lifeless in Leipzig

Fortuna Düsseldorf vs RB Leipzig
March 16th 2015

With Dusseldorf’s promotion chances seeming to dwindle late in the season, Fortuna entered the game in Leipzig hunting for a much needed three points. Recent performances have seen Fortuna miss out on an abundance of points due to defensive woes. Düsseldorf came into the match needing to find some form and regain confidence against a side widely disliked among most of the league for their off the field exploits.

First Half

Things kicked off in a terrible way for the away side in Leipzig as the Red Bulls found the back of the net immediately after the start off a left footed shot from Red Bulls player Rodnei. To make matters worse it seemed as though RB weren’t going to take their foot off the gas as they continued to pepper the Fortuna goal post. It was becoming clear that Düsseldorf’s defenders had their work cut out for them. In the 25th minute tempers flared as Fortuna’s Tah was shown yellow for a heavy elbow to the face of a Leipzig player. Minutes later in the 27th minute, Leipzig broke on the attack to secure a second goal from outside the box by Joshua Kimmich with a stunning right footed shot in to the corner of the net. In the 34th minute on a RB Leipzig break, Oliver Fink was shown yellow for a sliding challenge on RB player Poulson.

The half went on absurdly for the visitors as it seemed that the coach had instructed the Fortuna boys to play with their feet instead of their brains for the entirety of the first half. Chances continued to dwindle for Fortuna as they saw the best chance of the half fall for them after an awkward challenge on Leindl awarded them a free kick just outside the box.

Second Half

The second half got under way in the same fashion as the first as Leipzig continued to pressure Düsseldorf by creating chances in and around the Fortuna box. It was begining to look bleak for the visitors as chances were few and far between at this point. Fortuna conceded its 3rd Yellow card of the game in the 51st minute from youngster Bebou just outside the Fortuna box that luckily did not end up in another Leipzig goal. Just when things looked to be getting worse for Düsseldorf, Joel Pohjanpalo came up big to bring things a little closer to the home side. The game now set at a scoreline of 2:1 with the RB still in the drivers seat in the 58th minute. The 70th minute saw another goal go Leipzig’s way from a nice run of play when a back heel pass in the box found Yussuf Poulson who easily slotted it just right of the goalkeeper with a right footed curler to make it 3:1 RB. The game wound down with a handful of clumsy tackles and some substitutions that hardly had enough time to effect the game in any positive direction.

Player Ratings

Benschop – 6 Consistantly pressed the Leipzig defense and was one of only a few Fortuna players looking to keep things even during the whole of the game.

Pinto – 6 A quiet night from the play maker, couldn’t find the deadly pass tonight.

Bellinghausen – 6 Without the Engine of the team, the scoreline could have been much worse.

Leindl – 5 Inneffective in the first half and was substituted at the half for the youngster Ihlas Bebou.

Fink – 4 Shown a yellow card in the first half on a hard tackle. Not many positives from the midfielder tonight.

Weber – 4 Had some decent defensive efforts but giving up 2 goals in the first shows just how bad Düsseldorf need defensive help. Was substituted for obvious reasons at the half.

Pohjanpalo 7 – Playing out of position but is looking more comfortable in his new wide roll. The Second half goal will adhere the youngster to the fans of Fortuna once again as he continues his stellar year with Düsseldorf. His constant pressure in the second half gave his team life where there once was none.

Bebou – 5 Shown a yellow in the 51st minute for a challenge just at the edge of the Fortuna Box. Was involved in some nice link up plays with Benschop but couldn’t create the type of pressure needed to rescue the game.

Rensing – 5 A few great saves on the night to deny an even bigger scoreline for the home side, unfortunately you need to keep clean sheets and organize your defenders to win games. Better luck next season perhaps.

Tah – 3 Just cant give up 3 goals, looked confused in pressure.

Soares – 4 Hard to find words to describe this poor defensive run of form, something needs to change and quickly.

Schauerte – 5 Looked decent on the right hand side, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to keep the ball from the back of the net.

Erat – 5 Came in for Weber at the half, didn’t effect the game any differently

Halloran – 5 Hardly enough time on the pitch to effect the game.


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