Fortuna Düsseldorf Earns Draw Friday Against VFL Bochum

Fortuna Düsseldorf 2-2 VFL Bochum

With the crowd rocking last Friday in Düsseldorf at the ESPRIT Arena and a chance for Fortuna to put behind their defensive woes, Friday’s Bundesliga 2 match began a bit chippy from the get go. The question for many F95 supporters’ going into the game was, can Fortuna tidy up the back line and keep a clean sheet,  something they have had a hard time doing in the second part of the season. As the match progressed, Bochum’s  Patrick Fabian was shown yellow for a tough tackle on Axel Bellinghausen which allowed an offensive push on the opposite side of the field by former Hannover man Sergio Pinto to work his magic coming up just short of the opening goal for Düsseldorf. Things progressed in a chippy manner as Bruno Soares was lucky to not pick up a yellow after a hard foul on Stanislav Sestak in the box.

The scoring chances finally broke through for the visitors in the 9th minute as  Sestak minutes later was found wide open in front of goal to secure the first goal of the game with a beauty of a right footed curler.

Just as things were looking unfortunately familiar for the home side again, a set of rocky passes by Bochum in the back led to a quick grab by Charlison Benschop to set up a pretty left footed curler to bring things level at 1:1. The team now pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and began a nice period of attacking pressure which in the 23rd minute led to Benschop being one on one with Bochum’s keeper, who made a terrible mistake by fouling Benschop in the box as the striker tried to make a cheeky self pass. Having a penalty awarded and the ball given to Michael Leindl, the home side went on to make it 2:1 off of a composed penalty kick which was driven low and left.

Before closing out the half, Dusseldorf continued to apply a great deal of attacking pressure on Gertjan Verbeek’s Bochum side as fouls continued to stack up for the away side. Unfortunately, no pressure in the world could stop Düsseldorf’s poor defense from giving up a goal in the 45th minute and giving the away striker Sestak the brace he was looking for.

2nd Half

After intermission  VFL Bochum came out firing on all cylinders as Düsseldorf looked to be a bit shell-shocked from what was most likely a stern defensive talking to by the interim gaffer. Things became increasingly chippy after  yellow cards were shown to Lukas Schmitz, Selem Gunduz, and Julian Schauerte all within a 10 minute period all with hopes of securing their team the winning ball for the game winning goal.

In the 72 minute it was finally time for new blood, and the hard-working goal scorer Charlison Benschop had to make way for youngster Ihlas Bebou. The Game went on and Oliver Fink was shown a yellow in the 87th minute which secured another chance for Bochum to put themselves above the home team and secure a win, luckily for Fortuna Dusseldorf Fans the shot was hit well wide of the goal and Düsseldorf had a quick break down the other side of the pitch towards to substitute Jimmy Hoffer who was only to be stopped just short of a goal scoring chance by being fouled by a Bochum player.  Things looked positive for Fortuna Dusseldorf in the dying moments of the game, only for Fortuna’s Jimmy Hoffer to play a miserable pass to the top of the box that was cut off by a Bochum player as the whistle blew full time.

Things again were all too familiar in Düsseldorf as the home team headed into the locker room to reminisce on the defensive blunders suffered in the first half that undoubtedly cost them the game in front of their home crowd.

Player Ratings

Rensing : 6. Despite not being able to keep a clean sheet again in front of the Fortuna Ultras, Rensing had a game defining moment in the dying moments of the game when he was able to collectively clean up what could have been the game winning goal for Bochum.

Bellinghausen : 7. Axel Bellinghausen’s work rate and motor made him a giant asset tonight and was the reason Fortuna had so much energy in the first half, another great night for the fan favorite as the Ultras chanted his name during his substitution in the second half.

Liendl : 7. A solid performance by the goal scorer as he looked to control things on both sides of the pitch tonight. Unfortunately it was not enough to secure all 3 points for the home side.

Pohjanpalo : 6. The youngster looked a bit out of position on the right hand side tonight as he had a hard time finding his feet tonight,  Joel just couldn’t get on the right side of the ball tonight but more importantly provided a release valve for the playmakers next to him when needed.

Pinto : 7. Would like to give the playmaker a 8 tonight, but without being able to control his midfield, Dusseldorf lost control of possession for long periods tonight.

Fink : 5. Was shown  a nasty yellow card and found himself struggling to be on the right side of the ball tonight.

Benschop : 8. The highest rating of the night goes to the striker in form, without his work rate around the ball and the goalscoring opportunity created by being cheeky around Bochum goalkeeper Michael Esser, this could have been a different scoreline all together. Unlucky not to score a brace himself.

Schmitz : 5. not a great night for the defender as he was beaten on numerous occasions.

Tah : 6. The defenders confidence needs to grow here as the center back pairing with Bruno Soares needs improvement and improvement quickly if thoughts of reaching promotion spots are to be considered.

Soares : 5. A yellow card for a tough tackle early in the night that could have been a red

Schauerte : 6. It’s hard not to blame the whole back line for letting in two goals that should have never been, but 26-year-old looked calm and composed when given a challenge tonight.


Bebou : 6. A decent showing for the youngster in his second first team appearance, looked composed in attack and up for the challenge tonight. Unfortunately didn’t not have enough time to settle into the game.

Hoffer : 4. What more can be said, he came on for Axel Bellinghausen and was given multiple opportunities to effect the game and possibly to help win it, poor passes and lack of technique showed the fans why Axel is so important to the team.

Bodzek :  5. Not much time to judge what he could have done in the 5 minutes he had.


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