HSV coach Slomka gets sacked after three match days

Mirko Slomka’s start to the season hasn’t been easy by any means. After an acceptable draw away to 1. FC Köln his team have lost the last two matches on the bounce by a goal difference of 0-5. The longest it has taken HSV to score a goal was 225 minutes before the season started, now the team haven’t been able to get the ball across the line for 270 minutes – a new record for the team. Out of the 56 teams playing in Germany’s top three divisions HSV are the only one who haven’t managed to get the ball over the line. On top of that the Red Shorts are at the bottom of the table for the first time since 2011. Back then coach Michael Oenning was fired after 1 draw and 2 losses after the first three matches of the 2011/12 Bundesliga season.

Even more worryingly, Mirko Slomka’s points per game average is currently the worst amongst the coaches who have been in charge of the team for 16 or more matches in the long and illustrious Bundesliga history of the club. The former Hannover and Schalke coach has so far only managed to secure 0.75 points per game during his tenure at the club. 1 point from the last 8 matches in the league speaks volumes of how much HSV have struggled over the last few months(the last win came on match day 25 of last season against the relegated side 1. FC Nürnberg). In the match against Hannover Slomka changed his starting line up on seven positions, another record for the club. It’s believed that the coach has lost influential players in the dressing room according to the well connected tabloid Bild – both Heiko Westermann and Rene Adler are amongst those players.

HSV CEO Dietmar Beiersdorfer has so far not spoken to the media after the 2-0 loss on Sunday, but the 50-year-old held a meeting with his closest allies at the club outside of Hamburg pondering the fate of the coach. Several German media outlets are now reporting that Beiersdorfer and the board have reached the decision to relieve Slomka of his duties. Only one day before this decision was reached HSV the head of the supervisory board, Karl Gernandt, had told Sky Sports News HD that the club wouldn’t “panic, we are not going to act now. I can guarantee that with a certainty of 120%”.

Next one please! The HSV coaches merry-go-around continues

Dietmar Beiersdorfer has supposedly been in touch with Thomas Tuchel to see if he might be interested in taking over the team. Tuchel is currently still employed by Mainz and he would need the go ahead from Christian Heidel if he wants to sign for a new team – at the moment it would take a change of heart by Heidel to secure the 41-year-old’s signature. Kicker mentions Huub Stevens as a viable candidate to take over after Slomka.

It’s not a secret that former sporting director Oliver Kreuzer was amongst Slomka’s supporters at the club, however, the coach faced tough opposition over the last few months. HSV sugar daddy Klaus-Michael Kühne told the press already in June that he wasn’t convinced of Slomka being the right man for the job. The billionaire made similar comments about Oliver Kreuzer and Thorsten Fink, both of whom were fired a little while later.

Dietmar Beiersdorfer spent over 26 million Euros ahead of the season for new signings, but HSV splashing out the cash on the transfer market seems to have little effect on the team’s performance over the last few seasons(the club has spent more than 65 million Euros on new players over the last four seasons). The fact that the Red Shorts last goal at home came against Bayern München is not likely to cheer the fans up a great deal – the goal was scored by Hakan Calhanoglu after all.

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