Swiss newspaper publishes controversial Löw quote

Ahead of the World Cup the Swiss newspaper Schweiz am Sontag was among the few media outlets who were given the chance to conduct an interview with Germany’s national team coach Jogi Löw. The paper’s journalist Markus Brütsch met Löw and his former teammate Roberto Di Matteo for a chat in London.

The interview itself read like any other and didn’t cause a stir in the German press. However, today the Swiss paper revealed that they were entangled in a battle with the DFB’s press secretary Jens Grittner regarding one quote. At the end of the interview Löw was asked what is future plans were in case Germany should win the tournament. In the version which was printed ahead of the World Cup the 54-year-old answered that he hadn’t thought about it, whilst stating that he was enjoying the privilege of educating himself in the way football was played all around the world. Löw went on praising how important the step from club football to the national team was for his own development as a coach. However, Brütsch left out a couple of important sentences from the actual quote Löw had given him:

“I don’t know. It’s possible. After ten years I could imagine coaching a club side once again.”

Press secretary Grittner managed to persuade the Swiss paper to remove these two sentences, stating that they would cause mayhem within the German press.

Löw’s future – DFB certain that Löw is going to stay on

It’s public knowledge that Löw’s current contract entails a clause which would allow both the DFB and Löw to dissolve the national team’s current contract which runs until 2016. However, both DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach and team manager Oliver Bierhoff have both stated that they believe Löw to stay on for another couple of years.

So far the German public has been waiting for the national team coach to make a clear statement about his future. As long as Löw doesn’t state his intent, there’s still a certain amount of uncertainty regarding his future.

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