Schweinsteiger: “This team is farther along than in 2010”

Germany will face Brazil for only the second time in their World Cup history on Tuesday in Belo Horizonte. The semifinal will pit the tournament’s two most winning sides against each other for a spot in the final

Ahead of the big match, the team’s vice-captain Bastian Schweinsteiger addressed the press on the team’s preparation going into the game, Brazil and Neymar’s absence and the team’s development since 2010:

The significance of the semifinal against Brazil:

“The game has of course great significance. To play the host is a great honor and challenge. The only thing better would have been to play Brazil in a final.”

The atmosphere in the team:

“The mood is very good, we’re very focused on the game. Naturally we want to win the game but for that we’ll need complete concentration and that is improving hour by hour.”

Brazil without Neymar:

“We’re all very sad that Neymar won’t be able to play. It’s always the best when all the great players are able to play. But Neymar’s absence can also galvanize the team and really rally them together. They have two experienced coaches who both were already World Cup winners. I think the team with very intelligent coaches will win the World Cup in addition to each player’s individual class.”

On his own fitness:

“I have now played at a high level and I am ready to play more than 90 minutes when it is necessary.”

His place on the bench in the first game:

“I shared the opinion of the coach. He made the right decision. The games are very demanding. The mood with us was very good. For us it’s not about one person. It’s about Germany becoming World Cup winners so the collective and the team are the priority.”


The team compared to 2010:

“The team has taken a step forward. Every single player has developed further at their clubs. The number of quality players has also increased.”

The depth of the team:

“I think it’s a great advantage to have so many options on the bench, especially in these temperatures. We saw in every game how substitutes made a difference. We always had a good bench but this year we also have good spirit and that is exactly what we need to go far.”

His teammate Dante:

“I’d be happy for him if he played. We know him very well and know his strengths and weaknesses. He knows us also of course – except Thomas Müller, no one knows what’s coming with him.”

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