Jonathan Wilson on Germany’s World Cup Squad

Recently, the esteemed Jonathan Wilson sat down with BSports Football‘s Jimmy Coverdale to discuss Germany’s World Cup squad.

Wilson is one of world’s most popular and highly regarded football writers, thanks to his regular columns in The Guardian and his work at The Blizzard,, The Independent and many other publications. Wilson is also the author of many significant football books, like Inverting the Pyramid, Nobody Ever Says Thank You, Behind the Iron Curtain: Travels in Eastern European Football, The Anatomy of England, The Outsider: the History of the Goalkeeper, and others.

In terms of footballing acumen, it’s hard to find another global voice as knowledgeable both on football’s past and its present. Wilson is unparalleled in this regard. We are honored to present Wilson’s comments on Germany’s World Cup squad:

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Finally, our team at the Bundesliga Fanatic highly recommends Rick Joshua’s site Schwarz und Weiß, if you are interested in catching up on die Nationalmannschaft‘s broader history, as we gear up for the 2014 World Cup in a few weeks. Rick’s site offers carefully and thoroughly crafted coverage of the German men’s national team throughout its history, as well as the same intensity of coverage for the present. Think about Schwarz und Weiß as your one-stop resource for everything you’ll ever need to know about die Nationalmannschaft.

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