Aufstieg Podcast Episode 8 – Fighting FIFA in the court room and Bundesliga 2 returns

An all new episode of Aufstieg is here! Niklas Wildhagen and Aleix Gwilliam mull over the results in the third tier of German football and look ahead to the return of Bundesliga 2 this weekend.

Part 1: All the latest news from Bundesliga 2 and a look ahead to this weekend’s action.

Part 2: Zoltan Stieber tells us all about Greuther’s season so far.

Part 3: What on earth was going on in Rostock last weekend? Can Holstein Kiel turn things around? Whose job might be on the line in the third? This and a few news items from the lower leagues in the third part of our show.

Part 4: SV Wilhelmshaven’s press officer Jörg Schwarz tells us why the DFB decided to relegate his side at the end of the season regardless of their efforts in the Regionalliga Nord. The club has now taken action fighting against FIFA and the DFB in the court room.

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