Bundesliga continues to break records as it grows

As is customary ever year, the DFL (German League Association) released its  annual report on the economic state of German yesterday and it further underlines the positive growth of not only the Bundesliga but German football as a whole with continuous record attendance and profitability.

German football has come a long way

Much has been said about the performances of German clubs in Europe recently, along with the influx of young talents in first teams throughout the country as well as the performance of the national team but German football has also grown in leaps and bounds from a business and economic perspective in that same period. Growing attendance, economic prudence, sporting success and responsible cost control have resulted in record numbers across the board.

The report, which can be found here in English, notes continued upwards development after the league grew in revenue for the ninth consecutive year with an increase of 91m Euros compared to 2013 (a 4.4% increase).  Over that nine-year period Bundesliga clubs revenues have grown upwards of 1 billion Euros which means it has essentially doubled in less than a decade. The revenue of the league is second overall in Europe.

What’s most impressive is that the league recorded major earnings after taxes and expenditures (for the third time running) by more than 170m Euros with revenues from all 18 clubs going up to nearly 220m Euros. The  2.17 billion in revenue is in start contrast to when the league just broke the 1 billion Euro mark in 2002.


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.32.37 PM

Media, advertising and match receipts all went up in in 2012/13 and have consistently grown since 2009.

How Bundesliga revenue split during the year. (c) bundesliga.com
How Bundesliga revenue split during the year. (c) bundesliga.com

And how they break down in sheer numbers:

(c) Bundesliga.com
(c) Bundesliga.com


Youth paves the way

Continued investment in youth academies.  Almost 820m Euros was spent on youth development since 2001 and the results speak for themselves.

(c) bundesliga.com
(c) bundesliga.com


Full stadiums

Supporters keep piling into the stadium. In the 2012/13 season, German football as a whole had its second most successful year in history in terms of getting fans into stadiums.  In terms of volume, 90% of the seats were filled last year in the Bundesliga alone.

(c) Bundesliga.com
(c) Bundesliga.com Click to enlarge


Compared to other top leagues, the Bundesliga still had the highest average attendance in the world.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.06.02 PM

2. Bundesliga thriving also

Germany’s top flight isn’t the only league thriving.  The second division broke the 400m Euro mark in total revenue for the first time ever.  Revenues increased by nearly 10% from last year. Included in that was also a 18m Euro increase in transfer revenue.

(c) Bundesliga.com
(c) Bundesliga.com
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