The fall of Arminia Bielefeld

Let’s go back to Matchday 8. Arminia Bielefeld are the surprise of the season, finding themselves in third position in the league and with a strong team effort over the season so far.

Now let’s come back to the present. Bielefeld is in 17th place and has the worst goal difference of the whole league.

How did this happen?

Well, after losing to Bayer Leverkusen in the DFB Pokal, Bielefeld is now in a seven-game losing streak in Germany’s 2. Bundesliga. In these 7 matches they have only managed to score three times but had to pick the ball out of their own net on 17 occasions.

How could there be such a big step back all of the sudden? To be honest, it’s hard to pinpoint. But I think people have to put their judgements of Bielefeld into proportion. Before the season started, nobody would have been surprised to find Bielefeld at the bottom part of the table. They still are a recently-promoted team without any ‘star’ players. Usually, the key to success in a situation like this is playing with a solid defense and showing a good overall team effort, which is exactly what Bielefeld showed in the first few matches. They played a solid defense and had in Fabian Klos a good striker who can always find the net. But then, there were a few matches where things didn’t work together as well as they did in the previous ones: Klos was injured for seven weeks and they were trapped in a downwards spiral towards the bottom of the league. Especially in this year’s 2. Bundesliga, which is the closest I can remember, a few bad games in a row are enough to make you lose several positions in the table.

It will definitely continue to be a tough season for Arminia Bielefeld but I certainly hope they will manage to stay in the league. At least they have sorted out the whole situation about their main sponsor after their old sponsor, internet trading company, folded due to bankruptcy, now replaced by shampoo brand Alpecin. That’s already one less worry on the mind of Bielefeld coach Stefan Krämer.

With the upcoming match against FSV Frankfurt on Monday night, coach Krämer has enough things on his mind without having to worry about sponsorship. Rumours say that, if Bielefeld loses against FSV, which would be the eighth league loss in a row, Krämer might have to leave the club. It would be just another example of the typical mechanisms of professional football, to fire the coach if the team does not perform well, but somehow I have the feeling that, if Bielefeld at least shows an improvement, they will hold on to Krämer at least until the winter break.

A lot is expected from Fabian Klos. After coming on for the first time after his injury in the second half against Bochum, he is definitely somebody who will revitalize the Bielefeld attack. In general, I do see a chance for Bielefeld if they can continue playing more aggressively and compactly like they did in the second half against Bochum. We will see what comes out of Monday’s floodlit match and if coach Krämer will still be the man in charge at Bielefeld the day after.

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Marco was raised in Essen but now lives in Bonn. He is a football enthusiast who went with VfL Bochum through all ups and downs of being a fan. Follow him on twitter under @MarcoVolkmar

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