Are Leverkusen Re-Inventing a New ‘Magic Triangle’?

Those who have followed the Bundesliga for a long time probably still remember Stuttgart’s “magic triangle.” From 1995 to 97, three players caused havoc. Krasimir Balakov, Fredi Bobic and Giovane Elber frightened defense lines. Now there is a chance that a new ‘magic triangle’ is forming Germany again – not down south in Stuttgart, but at the North-Rhine Westphalia club, Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

The current version of that magical threesome consists of Leverkusen’s Sidney Sam, Heung-Min Son (손흥민) and Stefan Kießling – three quality players with different backgrounds who blend together very well.

For years, Sidney Sam was considered a big talent without ever consistently satisfying fans’ expectations through an entire season. Now he has started the new season in bright form. Beginning his career in Hamburg’s youth squads, he later joined Kaiserslautern on loan for his first two professional seasons in Germany’s second division. However, Sam was unable to make a single appearance for Hamburg before leaving the club again. At this point he got sold. To Leverkusen.

Since then, he has doubled his transfer value to 6 million euros. His biggest strengths are his pace and agility, and this season he finally seems more dangerous in front of the goal.

Like Sam, Heung-Min Son is well-known in Hamburg. Joining the north Germans youth squads in 2008 at the age of 16, he quickly evolved into one of the pillars of the team and was easily a crowd favorite. Considering his youth, he already possesses a lot of experience in the Bundesliga, playing in almost 80 matches for the red-shorts before the tender age of 21. Now he has chosen Leverkusen to be the next step in his career. According to his agent, numerous English teams were chasing the South Korean international, but Son decided against all of the “big” teams from England, and will have his first international club matches with Leverkusen this week.

Last but not least, Stefan Kießling. Well, you could write multiple articles about this guy. Coming from Nürnberg with pretty good statistics for a striker, he evolved during his time in Leverkusen into a real high quality striker, and one of the best in the Bundesliga. Scoring 25 goals last season secured him the title as the best Bundesliga goalscorer ahead of players like Robert Lewandowski and Mario Mandzukic.

Despite his constant exceptional performance, he only had six appearances in the German national team. So how is it possible, that a player who obviously has such immense quality is not considered for the national team?

Some say that Jogi Löw simply does not like Kießling, that Kießling does not fit into the coaches’ system.  Others theorize that Kießling just does not have a big group of supporters like Gomez, Klose or Podolski.  One thing is certain, though. If the prolific Leverkusen strikers continues his great performance, Löw will have quite a few problems explaining why Kießling isn’t helping the Germans in Brazil.

So what to expect from these three?

From Kießling, there is definitely a lot to expect. A man with his quality and experience has the capacity to lead this Leverkusen team. If he does, Sam and Son will be able to work together with him very well and something great could develop for Leverkusen. There is a lot of potential in Leverkusen.

Remember. The first season of the ‘magic triangle’ in Stuttgart was good. The second was golden.

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