Borussia Dortmund’s Magical Night

Borussia Dortmund’s dramatic comeback and win against Malaga in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinal will go down in German football folklore.  Not only did they reach the semifinal for the first time since 1998 but they did it by staying the only unbeaten team in the competition, winning all of their home matches.

As Jürgen Klopp said after the game, the win felt like a title victory already, a fairytale run that few would have predicted at the beginning of the season.  No matter what happens from here on out, this Champions League run will go down as one of the greatest in German club football history.  Here are some of the moments that made this not only an unforgettable match but an unforgettable night for Dortmund and German football.

It all started with the amazing choreo put together by Dortmund’s famos Südtribüne, a devilish yellow and black grin gazing on the players as they entered the pitch.

Or for more immediate effect…


The magic continued with Marco Reus’ brilliant flick for Robert Lewandowski’s equalizer, an exquisite piece of skill that epitomizes Dortmund’s scintillating play.


Felipe Santana’s last minute winner, a flurry of action difficult to keep up with and worthy of being replayed on a loop following an action-packed match.

The drama of the last minute winner captured by Borussia Dortmund’s internet radio feed.  You don’t have to speak or understand German to feel the sheer drama and joy when Santana’s goal goes in.  The announcers didn’t even know who tapped the ball in in the end but that didn’t stop them from going absolutely bonkers.

The experience from the perspective of a Dortmund fan at the stadium, from the opening choreo, to the remarkable winner and the postmatch celebration where players join the fans.

Jürgen Klopp’s postmatch interview is already a classic. Clearly overjoyed but still in disbelief, he gives an honest take on his team’s underwhelming performance and the absolute joy of going through.

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