The Numbers to Bayern Munich’s Record-Setting Season

With 10 games to go in the season it already looks as if Bayern Munich are running away with the title.  In fact, their 17 point lead over second-placed Borussia Dortmund currently has historically never been made up and their 63 points after 24 games is their best ever.

But Bayern aren’t just winning games and dominating their opponents, they’re doing it in record-setting fashion.  Here are some of the records Bayern have already broken this season and the many they can realistically reach and break.

Eight wins in first eight games – No team in the Bundesliga’s near 50 year history has ever won all of their first eight matches in a season.

First five away games without a goal conceded – Similarly, no team in league history had ever gone without conceding at least one goal in their first five matches away from home.

Fastest-ever “Herbstmeisterschaft” – “Herbstmeister” or “Fall champion” denotes the league leader halfway through the season.  This year, Bayern were already crowned Herbstmeister after just 14 matchdays, quicker than any other team in Bundesliga history. Point and goal-wise, Bayern also had the second best first half of the season in league history (best being Bayern in 2005/06).

Away record after first 10 games – With nine wins and one draw, Bayern have set a new record in their first ten away matches.

Best defensive record after 20 games – With just an incredible seven goals, Bayern have also set a new record for fewest goals conceded 20 games into the season.

Best Bundesliga record after 20 matches – With 51 points and a goal-difference of 44, Bayern have the best start to a season in history after the first 20 matches.

Most clean sheets in away matches in a single Bundesliga season – With 9 of their 10 away matches ending in a clean sheet, Bayern have set a new Bundesliga record.

The many other records that Bayern can realistically equal and/or break:

Most wins in Bundesliga history – The record stands at 25 set by Bayern (1972/73) and Borussia Dortmund (2011/12) Bayern already have 20 wins from their first 24 games.  At this rate they should at least equal the record, if not break it.

Most points in Bundesliga history – The record currently stands at 81 set by Borussia Dortmund last season. Following their win against Hoffenheim, Bayern are currently on 63 points and with 30 possible points left to play it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Fewest Goals Allowed in Bundesliga history – Bayern too set this record back in the 2007/08 domestic double season by conceding just 21 goals in 34 games. Bayern have currently let in just eight and are very much on course to breaking it.

Best Goal-difference in Bundesliga history – Who set this record?  Bayern of course, back in their historic 1972/73 season. They scored an incredible 94 goals that year, the goal-difference being 64 at the end.  Their GD at the moment stands at 54 and considering their defensive record this is another number within their reach.

Go Undefeated Away from home – In the 1986/87 season Bayern suffered just one loss (at home to Bayer Leverkusen) but remained unbeaten on the road.  So far Bayern are undefeated in 12 away games and have 6 trips on their schedule.  Can they get out of difficult places like Dortmund, Leverkusen, Hannover and Gladbach without losing?

Most goals scored away in a single Bundesliga season – Werder Bremen set this record back in 2006/07 with 43 goals.  Bayern are currently on 28 but are scoring 2.5 goals a game on the road.  With seven away games remaining they can at least equal it.

Best Defense in Away Games in a single Bundesliga season – Bayern have conceded just a single goal in their 12 away games so far, a truly remarkable feat.  Werder Bremen set the initial record in 1987/88 by conceding 10.  Unless Bayern go completely off the handle this is another record they will break this season.

Most Away Wins in a single Bundesliga season – The record currently stands at 11 set by Borussia Dortmund (2010/11 and 2011/12), Werder Bremen (2003/04), Bayer Leverkusen (2010/11) and Hamburger SV (2005/06).  Bayern equalled the record against Hoffenheim and have several more games to break it.

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