Sponsored video: No Bundesliga, but great beer

Schleswig Holstein isn’t known for its brilliant football clubs, but the it has a lot to offer despite that. Especially beer.

No team in Schleswig Holstein is at the moment represented in the German Bundesliga. Handball has traditionally been more popular than football in this part of Germany. Not single a coach stemming from this part of Germany has in fact managed to win the Bundesliga title(the city of Essen has produced 3 title winning coaches by comparison).  Despite its relative lack of footballing success, Holstein is very well known for its renowned distilleries and beer.  Distilleries and beer that serves thousands of football fans not just in the region but nationwide. It’s hard to imagine a football actually without imagining supporters wrapped in club scarfs and jerseys, waving flags in one hand and holding a beer in the other.

Football and beer have always been closely linked, and most football fans enjoy experiencing a good match of football on the television or in the stadium with the right beverage in their hand. You are actually allowed to drink alcoholic beverages whilst watching a match of football in a German stadium.  Sharing a couple of beers over a nice game of football is probably one of the most common ways of establishing a new friendship, may it be in a pub or in the stands whilst watching your favourite team play.

The players themselves usually tend to celebrate their biggest wins by showering their coaches in massive amounts of beer, drinking a good few sips of the holy water themselves. Some of the more memorable scenes and moments in German football are the high points after teams win the league or the cup.  Who can forget Dortmund players chasing down their coach Jürgen Klopp and dousing him in beer or Wolfsburg and Bayern players doing the same years back and eliciting a smile from the usually very serious Felix Magath.  Indeed, beer and football are inexorably connected.

And whilst Schleswig Holstein may not be your number one destination for football travel, it turns that one of their fine beers actually can help you to make watching a game of football more enjoyable. A bottle of Flensburger Pilsner with its traditionally herb and well balanced flavours is going to enhance your pleasure whilst watching football. The brewery itself has strong traditions in the local community and was founded back in 1888. To this very day Flensburger are still producing their products according to the rules of the German Reinheitsgebot from 1516.

This article is sponsored by: Flensburger Pilsner

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Maximilian Jones

Maximilian is a Berlin native with a German mother and English father. Raised in Germany and studied in London, Maximilian grew up to love football from an early age but his early exposure to the Bundesliga honed his passion for all things German football.

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