November 19, 2017

Bayern make Mincemeat out of Hamburger SV

March 30, 2013 Mark Lovell 0

In Spain’s La Liga we know all about the famous “El Clásico” between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Bundesliga’s traditional equivalent is “Der Klassiker” between Bundesliga stalwarts Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV (HSV). In the […]

Leverkusen Missile Crisis

March 29, 2013 Bundesliga Fanatic Staff 1

Sensational title, eh? Here it comes–the outlandish claim of a rift between Bayer Leverkusen’s Tandem Trainer Saschimi Lewandyypia (see what I did there?) for the site hits! There’s a battle brewing in the North Rhine-Westphalia that might spell […]

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