Archive | January 24, 2013

Flat-Track Bully – Do Bayern Munich Suffer from a Big Match Phobia?

by Mark Lovell

Pondering whether Bayern Munich is in danger of becoming a ‘flat-track bully.’ In cricket the phrase ‘flat-track bully’ is often used to describe a batsman who performs well on slow, flat pitches. Cricket? I hear your dismay, stay with me on this. In football we can use this term to describe a player or team […]

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Bundesliga Boasts Record Profits in Annual Report

by Cristian Nyari

The Bundesliga’s annual report on the economic state of professional football in Germany was released by the League Association (DFL) in Frankfurt on Wednesday with great news all around, boasting record profits for the league and clubs.  With Bundesliga clubs impressing in Europe this season and the continued financial growth and sustainability throughout the country, […]

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