VIDEO – Bayer Uerdingen’s Historic German Cup Upset Against Bayern München in 1985

Still considered one of the greatest, if not greatest, upset in German Cup history, Bayer Uerdingen surprised the footballing world on May 26, 1985 by beating heavy favorites Bayern München in the DFB Cup final.  It was the first final held at Berlin’s Olympiastadion and one considered by many to be a foregone conclusion before the first ball was even kicked.  Bayern had won two of the three previous finals and between 1985 and 1990 would go on to win all but one league titles.  Suffice to say, it made the final result that day all that more historic.

Uerdingen meanwhile had been promoted just two years earlier with a squad lacking much Bundesliga experience and went into the 1984/85 season with a new coach after Timo Konietzka left for Borussia Dortmund.  Few people gave new coach Karlheinz Feldkamp a chance to remain in the league for long, let alone reach a Cup final.  Yet they did.  The Cup triumph in 1985 is still considered the club’s greatest achievement.

For a moment it looked as though everyone’s expectations were going to be met as Bayern got an early lead through Dieter Hoeness in the 8th minute  Against the odds then and surprising to most in the stadium, Uerdingen equalized just a minute later.  Horst Feilzer’s goal came as a surprise even to him as he lost his gum in the frenzy of his celebration.  A brave Uerdingen eventually managed to turn the game on its head and scored the match winner in the 66th minute through Wolfgang Schäfer.  No matter what Bayern threw at their opponents after that, it did not matter.  Uerdingen defended like their lives depended on it and the rest is history.

The 11 men that Uerdingen fans will never forget

Bayer 05 Uerdingen: Vollack, Wöhrlin, Herget, Brinkmann, van de Loo, Feilzer (60. Loontiens), Wolfgang Funkel, Friedhelm Funkel, Buttgereit, Schäfer, Gudmundsson (82. Thomas).

FC Bayern München: Aumann, Dremmler, Augenthaler, Eder, Matthäus, Lerby, Pflügler, Willmer (71. Rummenigge), Wohlfarth (60. Beierlorzer), Hoeneß, Kögl.

0:1 Hoeneß (8th Minute)
1:1 Feilzer (9th Minute)
2:1 Schäfer (66th Minute)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV


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