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Germany hasn’t lost against Austria since 1986, but tonight’s 2-1 win was a hard-fought affair straight from the off. The reactions after the game reflected just that.

Joachim Löw, coach(Germany):”It was a frantic game, especially towards the end. We had put ourselves into a comfortable position and we should have been able to run down the clock. We made several passing errors. Every chance Austria managed to produce came as a result of a passing error. Now we need to take the next step and be defensively consistent, disturbing the opponent as early on as possible. If we lead by 2 goals to 1 we should be able to keep hold of the ball, and control the game. We gave the Austrians the chance to get back into the game during the last four minutes.”

Marcel Koller, coach(Austria):”We put in a good performance, but we haven’t gotten any points from this match at the end of the day. You are never happy about a loss. But, the way the players tried to implement what we had set out to do was good, we have to continue along the same lines. We had plenty of chances in the first half, but we weren’t calm and consistent enough to tuck them away. You could see why Germany is world-class. They had very few chances, but managed to make the most of them.”

Philipp Lahm, right back and captain(Germany):”We have six points after two matches, which is a very good start to this qualifying campaign. We can’t be happy about the match tonight, however. Our opponents started pressing early on, and we didn’t know how to handle it.”

Martin Harnik, striker(Austria):”Given how we the previous match(between Germany and Austria) turned out, it is safe to say that this is a déja-vu experience for us. We played well for most of the 90 minutes, and we should have won this match. Germany had three chances, and we had probably twice as many chances as them.”

Manuel Neuer, keeper(Germany):”We can be happy about the result, but by god, we can’t be happy about what happened on the pitch. The chances Austria created came directly after our mistakes.”

Thomas Müller, midfielder(Germany):”It was as tough a match as we had expected going into this game. I prefer winning 2-1, putting a lot of hard work into a match, than loosing 2-1 doing ten step overs. We didn’t deliver a perfect performance, making too many individual errors in the process.”

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Niklas Wildhagen

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