Snapshot – Timo Konietzka’s lightning quick strike makes Bundesliga history

The first goal in Bundesliga history was scored after only 58 seconds.

Exactly 49 years ago on this very date, the 24th of August 1963, the first Bundesliga season in the history kicked off, with 16 teams competing for the first championship in a national league. Werder Bremen played against Borussia Dortmund in a jam-packed Weserstadion in front of 30,000 spectators, and were by most experts estimates the clear favorites to win this tie. Timo Konietzka recalled in an interview with 11 Freunde that ”the press photographers who had turned were very much on the same page and placed themselves behind the Dortmund goal”, awaiting the first Werder Bremen goal in Bundesliga history.

Werder were clear favorites, because Konietzka himself was battling with a thigh injury, in addition to the important defender Wolfgang Paul being out with an injury and danger man Jürgen Schütz having left the club before the start of the season. Dortmund got off to a surprisingly good start right away. Franz Bungs played a pass to Lothar Emmerich, who was on a run down the right wing, and Emmerich squared the ball into the box, where he found Timo Konietzka who send shock waves through the Weserstadion. The goalscorer himself told 11 Freunde:

All I had to do was to put my foot onto the ball, and the ball went into the goal – only 35 seconds after kick off(editors note: the official records state that the goal was scored after 58 seconds). Granted, there are prettier goals. I would have preferred to score with a hammer shot from 30 meters. But, if the ball goes over the line it is in.

No pictures

At this point most writers would include a YouTube clip of the actual goal. The way matches were broadcasted back then was slightly different though. Back then most people got live updates by listening to the radio, and there was only one TV camera stationed at the Weserstadion which should provide German TV with the highlights of the match.

The camera wasn’t recording the action at the time of the goal, because the man who was supposed to film the match hadn’t arrived in time for the 5 pm kick off. The photographers didn’t manage to get into the right position to capture the actual moment of the goal being scored, they only arrived in time to photograph Lothar Emmerich and Toni Konietzka celebrating the first goal in Bundesliga history.

Header picture: Lothar Emmerich and Timo Konieztka (at the back) are celebrating the first goal in Bundesliga history. 

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