Interview – Nils Petersen on his time with Bayern, his new adventure in Bremen and more

Following a disappointing season with Bayern München where he saw very little playing time, Nils Petersen will get a new lease on life with his loan move to Werder Bremen.  The former Energie Cottbus striker is eager to rekindle the form that made him one of the most sought after strikers in German football.  In a candid interview with Bild, Petersen talks about his time at Bayern, the differences between Bremen and Bayern and his role as a striker.

Bild:  Mr. Petersen, were you well received at Bremen?

Nils Petersen: Yes, very well.  It is a very likable team with a lot of young players which made it very easy.  I am also the type of person who adapts very quickly.

Bild:  How is the preparation with Weder compared to that with Bayern?

Petersen: The whole year with Bayern I never had three training sessions in one day.  And it never started before nine.  Other than that it is quite similar.  Conditioning is needed everywhere.

Bild: At Bayern, every player is a star while at Bremen there are only a few.  Is this a noticeable difference in the daily routine?

Petersen: I am more relaxed here.  At Bayern there is always more pressure and a lot of competition.  Even the stars sit on the bench.

Bild: How did that affect you?

Petersen:  One cannot afford to make a single error, not even in training.  That takes a toll on your mentality as well.  The quality is great, the intensity high.  Here it is much more relaxed.

Bild: Does it feel good to feel wanted?

Petersen: The feeling that you are very important, that the team needs you, is very pleasant.  That is not something I am familiar with. Whether it was at Jena, Cottbus or München, I always had to come from behind.

Bild: What does that mean for your game?

Petersen: The foot feels more relaxed and confident because the pressure is not as high. We have a young team that will make mistakes once in a while.  That is completely different in München.

Bild: Do you know what role you will play tactically?

Petersen: We did not discuss that thoroughly just yet.  From the training and the test matches you could see that I played as the lone forward in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.

Bild: Do you like the role of lone striker?

Petersen:  I like it. It’s a good system.  We have many offensive players that can provide good service and are also good for a goal or two.

Bild: Do you think you’ll have some competition in this position?

Petersen: That is possible.  Currently with Denni Avdic, Niclas Füllkrug and myself we have plenty of options.  Whether something else will change is out of my control.

Bild: You have extended your contract in München.  Is it guaranteed that you will play in München again next year?

Petersen: That depends if and how they will plan with me.  Bayern will most likely get a new trainer and they just got a new manager.

Bild: Is it possible that you will stay longer in Bremen then?

Petersen: I will try my best to help Bremen. Whether I will stay longer you never know.  We have to wait and see how this year will play out. In January or February I will have a clearer picture of my situation.

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