The New FCB Away Shirt, designed by Boss. Stabilo Boss.

What is it with the current penchant for lurid, fluorescent colours on football shirts? First we have Barcelona’s traffic-stopping yellow ensemble followed by an eye-bleeding turquoise effort. Then we are treated to two Chelsea away shirts, where the designer seemed to have been inspired by a yellow “Office Supplies” highlighter marker. I am sure there are many others, but let’s get to the point.

I never thought FC Bayern München would follow in this trend, but with the launch of the new away shirt I was clearly mistaken. Officially described as “lucent infrared”, the trim on the otherwise tastefully white Trikot is little more than a bright peachy orange – a colour that has never been associated with the club, unless we are talking about old red shirts from the mid-1980s that may have been left out in the sun for too long.

There have been very few naff Bayern designs over the years – the garish gold effort with black and green trim, dubbed by myself as the “Jamaika”, comes to mind – but this radioactive garment looks as if it has come straight out of a design boardroom meeting where someone has gone a little crazy with a highlighter pen. One could say that it a fine example of a Boss design. That’s Stabilo Boss, not Hugo.

With my interest having been piqued, I decided to venture into Adidas’ design boardroom in Herzogenaurach – and among all of the empty cups of Tchibo that littered the desk I found this:

Clearly someone was driven by the fact that twice-recent Champions League winners Barcelona sported kits designed by Stabilo Boss (or Staedtler, perhaps), and that the other great FCB deserved to be given similar treatment. A pencil, a handy highlighter pen, two minutes, et voila! A brand spanking new design.

All that they needed was a flashy sounding name: “radioactive red” wouldn’t have gone down well in some markets and “40” – the colour reference that can be clearly be seen on the pen – was just too dull. So some bright spark came up with “lucent infrared” – which is, quite simply, orange.

The upside is that Arjen Robben will now feel more at home, given that he’ll be playing in something that looks vaguely like a Netherlands shirt from the late 1970s…

What do you think about Bayern’s new away kit? Leave a comment below!

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