Kind not putting it kindly

Herr Kind found some rather unkind words for what is going on at Hannover 96.

The city of Hannover tells visiting tourist in its brochures about how it is one of the greenest city in Germany, about the fantastic Maschsee and the old city hall. To put it in another way, all the excitement of an episode of ”Murder She Wrote” wrapped into one city. The local football team, Hannover 96, is unsurprisingly not often in the media producing Hollywoodesque drama scenes — teams like Bayern Munich, Hamburger SV and 1. FC Köln have made that sort of thing their speciality.

Before Hannover found their way back into the Bundesliga in 2002 the team had been an after thought for many of the locals. The Niedersachsenstadion is positioned behind some woods close to the Maschsee, with only the visibility of the floodlights gently reminding the locals that football was still being played in the city of Hannover.

Ya Konan ”too fat” for the president’s liking

However, Hannover President Martin Kind has now brought the peace and quiet to an end for now. During the new year’s reception of the Lower Saxony football association Kind said that Hannover wanted to sign two new players, contradicting Sporting Director Jörg Schmadtke, who had previously stated that the team was only interested in bringing in one new striker.

One of the strikers Hannover have under contract already was also amongst the targets for Kind’s verbal vendetta. Didier Ya Konan ”had become complacent, and he had gained weight and purchased new cars after he signed his contract extension” according to Kind.

Too late for Lakic

Kind went on and said that Hannover should have gotten involved earlier when trying to sign Srdjan Lakic. Furthermore, the president added that the team could have been more successful if Schmadtke and coach Mirko Slomka were to improve their ability to work together.

News of the president’s verbal attacks even reached Hannover 96’s training camp in Portugal. Jörg Schmadtke told that he didn’t understand the presidents comments regarding Didier Ya Konan, and added that the player was at the African Cup of Nations and wasn’t able to hear the comments anyway. About Kind’s comments regarding Lakic Schmadtke said:

”This goes to show that the president isn’t involved in running the business on a day-to-day basis. We weren’t too late out of the starting block.”

Schmadkte said that he had contacted Lakic’s agent already in early December. The striker is believed to be close to signing a new deal at VfB Stuttgart. Furthermore, Schmadtke also denied to have that he and Slomka couldn’t work together.

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Niklas Wildhagen

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  1. Ya Konan is about 1/4 of why I went totally down at the kicker manager, together with Bastians, Beck and Eigler, so I am totally on Kind’s side!

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