Bundesliga Fanatic Podcast Episode 30: Klopp in high heels

Gerry Wittmann welcomes Cris Nyari and Niklas Wildhagen to the latest installment of the Bundesliga Fanatic podcast. The main talking points this week are match day 14 results and Bundesliga teams in international competition.

Segment 1: Why have Bayern lost two matches in a row? Are Bremen and Mainz back on track? Should Dortmund strengthen their side in January? All this, and a lot more in our first segment.

Segment 2: What to make of the German teams performances in the Champions League? What is going to happen in the Europa League?

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Bundesliga Fanatic Podcast Episode 30

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Niklas Wildhagen

Niklas is a 32-year-old football writer and podcaster who has been following the Bundesliga and German football since the early 90s. You can follow him on Twitter, @normusings, and listen to his opinions on @TalkingFussball.

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