Not so quiet on the Eastern front: Dynamo Dresden supporters still causing trouble

Dynamo Dresden fans have a history of causing their club a fair amount of trouble. This time around their bad behavior might even see the team getting banned from the DFB pokal next season.

The control commission of the DFB asked for that drastic measure on Wednesday during the meeting where the recent events of the cup match between Dortmund and Dresden were discussed. During said match some of the Dresden fans tried to enter the pitch, bengalos were lit on several occasions and the some of the fans kept the local police busy by getting into several brawls after the match.

Dynamo appealed, the clubs lawyer Christoph Schickhardt stating that ”this step would only make sense if it were to prevent future violence from happening, but punishing us for something that has happened in the past is counter productive.”

History repeats itself

Dynamo’s fans have drawn the attention of the DFB on several occasions this season, with many of the team’s matches having been classified as high risk matches by the German police.

Schickhardt pointed out in an interview with ”Sächischen Zeitung” that it was often impossible to find those who have committed acts of violence in the stadium, since other non violent fans kept their mouth shut about what happened next to them.

”There are groups of fans the club can strike deals with, but those groups have to take a clear stance against the others who are only after creating violence.” Schickhardt went on and said that even non violent fans should be expelled from German arenas, if they are unwilling to give up information they have about violent fans.

Steps taken by Dynamo

The DFB pokal is a very attractive competition for most 2. Bundesliga teams, giving them the chance to make some extra cash. The Saxons are currently looking to repay a mountain of debt, meaning that every penny they can scrape together is a welcome sight.

Dynamo has already declared that none of their fans will make it to the away match against FC St. Pauli. The club official have told the press that they are considering the same measure for the away fixture against East-German rivals Hansa Rostock. Both matches were declared to be high risk fixtures by the German police.

Dynamo president Andreas Ritter told the media in a press conference that ”the problem of radical fans only occurs when we are playing away from home.” Indeed, most of the incidents the DFB lists on their list of grievances over the last couple of years have happened while the Saxons were on the road. Ritter has now teamed up with the minister of the interior of Saxony Markus Ulbig to prevent more violence from happening. The two said that they were considering ”personalized tickets”, meaning that the name of the ticket holder would be on the ticket, giving the police and security forces the possibility to check if the right person is entering the stadium.

Furthermore, the state of Saxon also considers to make it obligatory for all known stadium offenders to meet their parole officers on match day, making it impossible for them to attend the Dynamo’s matches.

Some of the measures seem far reaching indeed, but as Ulbig and Ritter admitted, they won’t be the end of Dynamo’s problems. The team can’t demand that every other team in Germany goes through with the same measures in their stadium, furthermore, Dynamo isn’t in charge of selling away tickets and controlling their fans away from home.

The next problem for the 8 times East-German champions might be how the fans react to this new level of scrutiny.

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