Bundesliga Fanatic Podcast Episode 26: Wiese’s hair and Mainz breaking the wrong records

Gerry Wittmann welcomes Cris Nyari and Niklas Wildhagen to the show, discussing match day 11 and the upcoming European fixtures.

Segment 1: How important is Claudio Pizarro for Werder Bremen? What to make of Mainz this season? Can Stuttgart reach the Champions League? What is the easiest way to get a win these days? And most importantly, how does Wiese get such perfect hair?  All this, and lots more in this delicious segment.

Segment 2: What can we expect of the mid-week action in Europe?  And find out why some fan groups might want to send Niklas an email or two.

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Niklas Wildhagen

Niklas is a 33-year-old football writer and podcaster who has been following the Bundesliga and German football since the early 90s. You can follow him on Twitter, @normusings, and listen to his opinions on @TalkingFussball.

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