Hannover 96 Starts Season in Rare Fashion

At last the Bundesliga season starts back up. I’m not much of a football strategist, and I’m not a great prognosticator, so the pre-season gives me little to write about, but…

According to Hannover96.com this is only the 2nd time in the last 8 years, that Hannover 96 has started the season with a win. And seeing as how they have had issues getting past the 1st round of the DFB Pokal the last two years, losing to Eintracht Trier and SV 07 Elversburg , this is a great start, even if it really doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of any of the competitions the Reds are involved in.  Still, a first round Pokal win and winning on MatchDay 1 really quite nice.

In American sports, people place a lot of emphasis on early wins. But really the only time you can be sure of early wins equating to success is at the end of the season. In the Bundesliga, it still takes 40 points to safely avoid relegation. So in that sense yes, it’s important, 3 down, 37 to go.

But it’s fun to have your team start the season well, especially when they are not noted for doing so. One of the benefits of cheering for a team that hasn’t had a whole lot of success is that  a couple of wins strung together spells great hope. While fans of Bayern Munich,  Borussia Dortmund and Bayer 04 Leverkusen can never get too excited after a win or two. those of us who are new to the Europa League every victory is new and exciting.

The true question lies in can they keep this up? Honestly, it’s too early to tell yet. The squad seems to be playing well, hopefully they can keep it up versus 1. FC Nurnberg next weekend, and if they do well then I can start to worry about the upcoming Europa Leauge  games against Sevilla.  Another sign of hope — Hannover forward Moa Abdellaoue scored twice for Norway in its 3-0 friendly win over the Czech Republic.

Now if I can just get more of Hannover’s games carried so I can actually see my team in action on a regular basis. Kind of annoying that there isn’t more attention given to the Bundesliga, but I guess that’s why we’re here.

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