The good, the Bild, and the unread. First edition, 20th June 2011

Welcome to the first edition of the Bundesliga Fanatic’s “The Good, the Bild and the unread”. In this new and exciting segment we are going to round up some of the snippets from the German press that might have blown by without you noticing. So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Last week Bayern Munich grabbed, as always, most of the headlines. Jerome Boateng said for the first time that he wants to join the Bavarians, and so did Arturo Vidal. Now that both players basically have agreed terms with Bayern Munich all that is left to work out the transfer fees. Bayern want to pay 12 million Euros for Boateng, and 10 million Euros for Vidal. Manchester City wants around 20 million Euros for Boateng, and Bayer have said that Vidal won’t leave the club for such a low fee, and that Vidal isn’t going to be sold to a German club etc. A lot of drama, and many news items without any substance ahead in the next few days. If you are a Bayern fan, we suggest taking a cenex, and when you wake up in time for the Bundesliga to start, you’ll probably see Vidal and Boateng in the new red jerseys of Bayern Munich. However, there are a number of news items that were worth noticing.

Best in depth piece

We are most impressed by’s lovely article series summarizing the entire season team by team. Everything worth knowing is included. Take a look at it here.

Best interview

Charly Dörfel having a crack at goal.

HSV legend Charly Dörfel was interviewed by German football magazine 11 Freunde. Dörfel was called the best left wing in Europe by L’Équipe in 1964. In the interview Dörfel talks about his relationship with Uwe Seeler and other HSV legends, his sombre sense of humor, and his record collection of 23.000 vinyl records and over 6.000 CDs. Dörfel told 11 Freunde that he has listened to all of his records at least once.

In this interview Dörfel reveals his favorite music, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and how stubborn Uwe Seeler was. It took “Dem Dicken”(The fat one) 30 years to admit that his mistake against Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League in 1960 cost the HSV a place in the final.

Furthermore, Dörfel states that his dry sense of humor, and his unwillingness to sacrifice his day job for the national team, made his career as an international a rather short lived one.

On a more personal Dörfel reveals that he didn’t believe marriage was something that footballers should engage in. Therefore he only had girlfriends, and never married, during his playing days.

Read the entire interview here.

Worth knowing

Last week a couple of key things were revealed by the German media:

1. Badische Zeitung wrote that Freiburg were scouting Malian striker Garra Dembélé, and that SC Freiburg might try to sign him if Papis Demba Cisse left the club. Freiburg have signed Dembélé now, who is said to be a similar type of player as Cisse. Amongst the clubs interested in signing Cisse are Dynamo Kyiv according to Kicker.
2. Shinji Kagawa wants to extend his contract at Borussia Dortmund.
3. Hamburg aren’t looking to sign more players from Chelsea in this transfer window, but they are looking to sign a couple of other players according to MoPo.
4. Diego told a Brazilian newspaper that he wants to return to Wolfsburg and player under Magath.
5. Andreas Beck transfer to Juventus has been a done deal for weeks. But, as it turns out, the new coach Conte would prefer to sign Stephan Lichtensteiner from Lazio… So the Beck transfer that has been the talk of the very small town of Hoffenheim for weeks could fall through. Hoffenheim have given Juventus until Wednesday to make up their mind.

Best quote of the week

Mirko Slomka’s assistent Norbert Düwel has coached both men and women, and Düwel provided Bild with some very valuable insight. When Bild asked him about the cloud of hair spray being used in the locker rooms of female footballers Düwel replied.

“The same goes for the men these days…”

Hissy fit of the week

Friedhelm Funkel got all worked up about the schedule for next season’s 2. Bundesliga. He told Sportbild:

“Starting the campaign this early is a s**t idea.”

There are some timing issues according to Friedhelm Funkel.

Funnily enough Friedhelm Funkel could have done something about the early start when the teams were voting on the idea. He didn’t vote against it, as it turns out the only team that voted against the early start was FSV Frankfurt.

Funkel stated further that the women’s world cup final would take all the attention away for the 2. Bundesliga start on July 15th. Well, if your team’s start to the last campaign is anything to go by, who would blame people for wanting to watch quality football instead of the VfL match Friedhelm, aye?

News story with the least amount of substance of the week

Marko Marin told Bild for the third time in two months that he’ll be staying at Werder Bremen. But, Bild couldn’t leave well enough alone and continued:

“If an offer comes and Marko Marin is asked to talk to the club he will consider the incoming offer.”

Wow, so for Marin to leave Bremen, Werder actually have to ask Marin to talk to interested parties. We’re sorry Bild, but that story gave us nothing that was the least bit news worthy.

Most exaggerated story of the week

“The HSV doesn’t have any team spirit”, Hamburg paper Morgenpost wrote with huge letters, seemingly quoting the Czech defender David Rozehnal. However, the 30 year old who spent last season on loan at Lille(now made permanent), didn’t say that. According to the MoPo journalist who wrote the piece he said:

“I wouldn’t say that there isn’t any team spirit at HSV, I simply pointed out that the team spirit at Lille was better. I don’t know why that is, maybe the pressure from the fans and the media is much bigger in Hamburg!”

MoPo’s headline more than proved the point Rozehnal was making about the media in Hamburg…

Most unaware story of the week

Recklinghäusener Zeitung could tell it readers that Christian Pander had signed for Hannover on June 15th. The only problem with that story was that the journalist writing it didn’t ask Pander or Hannover if an agreement had been reached. Pander himself denied having signed for Hannover on June 16th. The paper later changed the wording of the story to:

“Christian Pander is likely to sign a contract with Hannover.”

If the paper had started out with that headline they would have been spot on. Pander did sign a one year deal with Hannover three days later.

We hope that you enjoyed the first edition of “The good, the Bild, and the unread”. This segment will be a reoccurring feature on our blog, and we hope to publish a new version in the near future.

Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Niklas Wildhagen

Niklas is a 33-year-old football writer and podcaster who has been following the Bundesliga and German football since the early 90s. You can follow him on Twitter, @normusings, and listen to his opinions on @TalkingFussball.


  1. Good synopsis, Niklas. Think your remarks on Bayern and “wait and see” approach are spot on. Surely these potential signings will come down to the wire on 31 August. I found it interesting that the Hannover summary in did not highlight Cherundolo’s steadfast loyalty and leadership to his club, which in my view provided synergy for the team to reach the EL. I also read today that Manchester United is interested in securing the services of Kagawa, a potentially interesting move in light of Park, Ji-sung’s recent statement about possibly leaving the club for Spain. I believe the motive for this is move is that Manchester United are keen to cement the Asian market in Asia after Park’s success at the club. On a recent trip to Seoul, you could find a Manchester United kit with park’s name embroidered on the back.

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