Top 25 Bundesliga Players 2010/11 (1)

After an extensive selection process and the contribution of several bloggers, writers and Bundesliga fans we are finally ready to reveal this season’s outstanding player.  The decision over this selection was rather unanimous and testament to the player’s contributions over the course of the campaign.

At Number 1 is a player that was at the heart of his team and whose play elevated a side from the fringes of the league to the very top.  Our choice for Player of the Season has come a long way in his still young career, from being the youngest Bundesliga debutant and scorer in history to one of Europe’s premier footballers.

Here is Borussia Dortmund’s Nuri Sahin.

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1. Nuri Sahin

Seeing Sahin celebrate the title on the last match day of the season had to be one of the most bittersweet moments for Dortmund supporters.  Sahin had made his move to Real Madrid public a week before the last match day, something that had been speculated on for weeks in advance but did not make the final announcement any less painful. Despite the euphoria amidst Dortmund’s incredible season, the announcement inevitably put an unspoken damper on the celebration.  For a group of players that promised each other that they would stay together this seems to be a real dagger to the heart and the departure of the influential midfielder already has supporters and pundits pondering the possibility of a sophomore slump, especially in the context of their Champions League participation.

Pass-master Nuri Sahin.

As heavy an indictment as that may be it also underscores the degree of influence and status Sahin had on this Dortmund side and among fans.  Sahin has been the heart and soul of Klopp’s Dortmund in more ways than one.  On the pitch, Nuri, as he is referred to by the Dortmund faithful, became the team’s undisputed leader.  From a purely tactical perspective, Sahin was the brains of the operation and organized Dortmund’s game in the truest sense of a midfield general.  Sahin’s football instincts and natural talent helped him dictate games reminiscent of the great Xavi and spearheaded his team’s championship winning campaign.  Off the pitch, Sahin was the spiritual leader of the squad and maintained a strong bond among a group of players that seemed more like a tightly knit circle of friends than a professional football team.  At the end of the day the allure of Real Madrid was simply too strong for Nuri but it does not take away from a simply outstanding season and few would disagree that Sahin’s performance put him above all others in the league.

Sahin was never one to shy away from his competition and the more challenging the task; the more adamant his response.  Prior to the beginning of the season, Sahin was interviewed by German magazine kicker and set the highest possible bar for himself, aiming to become the best “sechser” or “number 6” in the league, surpassing the likes of Mark van Bommel and Bastian Schweinsteiger, who both had phenomenal seasons the year before.  To outperform two veterans, champions league and world cup finalists was never going to be an easy task but Sahin took on the challenge admirably and by the end of the season only one of the three was left standing.

Almost everything went through Sahin on the pitch.  He was the primary link between defense and attack and it was Sahin that would be most responsible for Dortmund’s build up play.  Before his injury at the end of the season no player saw the ball more than Sahin (2625 touches) and therefore it was more or less up to Sahin to decide how the play would be built and whether the best course of action would be to play the ball forward and initiate attacks or maintain possession and play it laterally or back.  That is where the Xavi comparisons come in because Sahin single handedly dictated the tempo of play.  One element of his game that in particular stood out were his vertical passes whose deftness and accuracy resembled that of the Spanish maestro.  His ability to find a player over long distances made Dortmund’s attacks much more quick and efficient.  Sahin was therefore indirectly responsible for many of Dortmund’s goals, completing 71% of his 1779 passes.  And despite playing deep in midfield he still managed a striking 6 goals and 8 assists in the league,

A tearful Sahin waves goodbye to Dortmund supporters.

It is difficult to imagine Dortmund’s historic season without their midfield talisman.  Klopp’s side was just a goal short of equaling Bayern’s 2007 record for least goals conceded in league history.  Coincidentally, Dortmund conceded 3 goals in their last 4 matches, all games Sahin missed.  Had he played, Dortmund might well be celebrating the league’s greatest defense as well.  Sahin’s good technique also made him one of the most potent players on set pieces and a large chunk of his goals and assists came from dead ball situations including a brilliant freek kick against Bayern in the Hinrunde.  In fact, Sahin made scoring brilliant goals and performing in big matches a habit.  Whether it was the games against Bayern or the derby against Schalke, Sahin stepped up his game and led his side to victory.

Time will tell just how much Sahin’s departure will affect Dortmund as they traverse the dangerous waters of the Champions League next season.  Klopp brought in another young talent in Gündogan but whether it is a direct replacement or not or will adequately fill the shoes of Sahin remains to be seen. Many teams are not beyond recovering and at times even improving after losing key players and the same may be true of Dortmund.  That said, no one will ever be able to take away from Sahin one of the best individual performances in some time.

Here is a compilation of Sahin’s stellar performance against Bayern Munich in the Rückrunde.  Dortmund’s win in Munich was symbolic in many ways, putting the final nail in the coffin of Bayern’s title ambitions and emphasizing Dortmund’s arrival as the team to beat. Nuri put in one of the best individual performances of the season:

And here is a collection of some of his best moments during the season including his brilliant passing and influence on games:

Cristian Nyari | Bundesliga Fanatic

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  1. No mention of his PK record? The only blemish in an otherwise great season. He probably won’t be taking them at Madrid, so I guess he doesn’t need to work on his spot kicks over the break.

  2. Personally, I think Hummels was right up there and could easily have been Player of the Year as well but the level to which Sahin raised his game is unbelievable considering he is just 22. Still, even at 22 he is already a 6 year veteran which is remarkable no matter how many times one reads it.

    Sahin has truly developed into a complete modern player, he can really do it all and some of his performances, especially in the Hinrunde, well, I haven’t seen those in a long time in the league.

  3. Sahin is a great player, it’s hard to accept he moved on to Madrid. He’s only 22, one more season with Dortmund in the Champions League would have been great. For me Hummels was Dortmunds #1 but let’s see, next season we will know how much he’s going to bee missed. Very much i belive, but i hope in Perisic/Gundogan they have a replacement and Kagawa Götze takes another step. I still belive Hummels would have been a bigger blow for Dortmund to loose, Götze Kagawa Perisic Gundogan. Klopp has alternatives on the midfield.

    Let’s see next season just how important Sahin vs Hummels, my vote is Dortmund will finish top3 and do a great job in the CL. Lets hope they get a ok group, not City Napoli Real. But i belive they can compete with the best, but im still very disappointed at Sahin, why not play 1 season with heäs boyhood club? Ok if they finished 5th. But that’s not the case…. Bittersweet as you wrote.

  4. I think it’ll be interesting to watch him climb to the level of Lehman and Kahn, and whether or not he can surpass them. I think it’s possble.

  5. Well with Sahin out of the league the spot is open for Neuer to take next season. ; )

  6. Good choice, but Neuer should be second. I hear Rodney Dangerfield saying “GKs get no respect, I tell ya, no respect.”

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