What is a proper football fan? And Niklas possibly upsets one fan in Michigan! Podcast #4

This week’s podcast includes all our four regulars. Host Gerry Wittmann takes on match day 29 with Cris, Niklas and Zulquar. Julian DeMartinis joins us in our second segment to discuss Schalke’s upcoming match against Inter.

First segment: For the first 34 minutes the boys rave on about what has happened in MatchDay 29. Has Kagawa’s absence hurt Dortmund? Who has the toughest run in? Can Gladbach save their spot? And, should Niklas watch his mouth in order to avoid emails from angry fans?

Second segment: Niklas and Cris welcome Julian DeMartinis, who makes his Bundesliga Fanatic podcast debut. The three of them talk about Inter’s season so far, and what to expect from this week’s match between the two sides.

Third segment: Suedkurve trouble, beer throwing, Schalke ultras, all wrapped into a delicious segment where the boys go on about German fan cultures.

You can find the podcast here: Podcast#4

You can find Julian’s website here, and follow him on Twitter. (Well, if you aren’t following Julian already, do so right away. It’s really worth it.)

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What do you think? Will Mainz be able to get into Europe? What about Schalke’s prospects in the Champions League? Do the Bayern fans who protest Uli Hoeness have a point? Leave a comment below!

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Niklas Wildhagen

Niklas is a 33-year-old football writer and podcaster who has been following the Bundesliga and German football since the early 90s. You can follow him on Twitter, @normusings, and listen to his opinions on @TalkingFussball.


  1. Ha! Yes, that reminds me of the town nearest to my childhood home. It’s main industry was a paper mill–awful stench when you drove in and that smell hung on your clothes for the entire day. Sort of like that smell that lingers from going to a strip club. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.

  2. I must admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to Wolfsburg. I am born in Hannover, which is just few miles away from Volkswagen city. In Hannover people say that the best thing about Wolfsburg is its train station, because despite the fact that it smells like piss, it gives you an opportunity to leave this awful place.

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