Is Dortmund going to be one of the future greats? Podcast #3

This week’s podcast is packed with Bundesliga goodness, and host Gerry Wittmann welcomes Bundesliga fanatic contributers Cris, Zulquar and Niklas to the pod.

In the first segment we take a look back at the last match day and discuss all the action. All the important action at the top and at the bottom is reviewed by Gerry, Cris and Niklas.

The second segment sees Niklas talk to Kevin Walker, founder of the Own Goal Network, about Schalke’s match against Inter, the UEFA coefficient, and we take a shot at predicting the outcome of the game on Tuesday night.

In the final segment Gerry, Cris, Zulquar and Niklas give their take on what will happen on the transfer market this summer.

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Gerry Wittmann

Gerry is the founder of the Bundesliga Fanatic. Besides loving German football, he also enjoys the NBA, collecting jerseys and LPs, his pets and wishes he had more time for fishing, bicycling and learning the bass guitar.


  1. Great points, Luke. One of the reasons I love the Bundesliga — the competitiveness of the league and the fact that it isn’t always the same teams finishing atop the table, works against the Bundesliga in European competition. And you make a great point about Bayern Munich picking up a CL spot for next season…..thanks.

  2. With respect to the UEFA coefficient battle, one aspect that I think is being overlooked is club ranking. A cursory glance at the 5 year rankings naturally gives one the idea “Wow, Germany is close to overtaking Spain”. But with the league standings as they are, the true picture is quite different: it’s going to be extremely difficult for Germany to make up further ground.

    The reason? Dortmund’s club rank of 87 will almost certainly put them in Pot 4 of the CL draw. That spells Group of Death potential. Hannover would also be a Pot 4 choice, if they survived qualification. Leverkusen at position 34 has a slim chance for Pot 2, but probably ends up in Pot 3.

    Germany’s EL representatives will be inexperienced at best, disinterested at worst.

    Meanwhile none of the 4 likely Spanish representatives in the CL next season rank below 24. This seeding advantage was part of the reason Valencia could get into the knockout round this season.

    The system rewards consistent performances from national associations, but doesn’t allow them to be sustainable if they come from a different cast of characters each season. Germany will suffer without Werder and HSV in Europe-the advantages of a high club ranking would have greatly helped their results, regardless of the true strength of their teams.

    It’s all the more reason to hope that Bayern (rank:4) picks up that last CL spot.

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